Gamer Girls Rule

While perusing various articles on MSN during my lunch break yesterday I came across THIS blurb of an article which says that studies have shown that gamer girls (in this case MMO players – think Warcraft) where happier than non-gamer girls.  Not only that but the majority of them are, get this, happier in their relationships, than their non-gamer compadres.

Um…. can I say duh?

Now, this data is of course dependent upon the sample, where they pulled from, the person’s situation, ratio of gamers to non-gamers etc.  But I’m not going to get in the mechanics of polling, samples size and statistics…

But seriously think about it, I personally can say this is the case.   It is INCREDIBLY satisfying to go kill a bunch of things on screen when I’m stressed or upset, and totally defers MOST of my girlish growling away from JP and Sally.

So, I say it again: DUH!

It totally doesn’t HAVE to be just online gaming/games where you kill things.  Playing Medieval Sims is just as relaxing, and a marathon of Just Dance 3 brings out those endorphins from exercise. Aaaand playing a table-top RPG like Dungeons and Dragons not only allows you to kill minion-type monsters, but allows you to check out and get a much needed break from reality for a few hours.  Also, board (not the kind you find at walmart!) and card games (munchkin anyone?) are just plain fun 😀  (THIS article was linked to the aboved linked, and again, DUH!)

So, yeah, us geeky-gamer girls are awesome 😉  And for those who aren’t really “into” those types of things, give em a try, your relationships just might thank ya for it!



Oh, and PS — MSN, the Legend of Zelda franchise is NOT an MMO 😛  dorks…

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