Friday Fives: A Day in the Life of Sally

Five things that happened in Sally’s life today:

  1. Hiding behind the blinds to soak up some sun this morning with her owl:

  2. Go through the drive thru at the bank with “mom and dad” to make a deposit and get a TREAT from the tellers!  SO exciting!!!
  3. Go on a car ride with JP and Lizzy to go on a LONG walk at Monroe Lake and run through as many mud puddles as possible and INTO the lake:
  4. Come back to Bloomington and deal with having to wait in the car with JP while Lizzy runs into several stores and the library.  Get SUPER excited every time we stop because I think I’m going to get out!  aaaand then I don’t 😦
  5. Get some medicine in the mail from Lizzy’s mom by way of “Aunt” Katie and THEN have to have a cone of shame put on so I don’t lick it off.  The result THIS happens to me and Lizzy goes and records it:



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