Sucking at Life…

Or more accurately, I think I lean more towards sucking as a girl.  And getting even more specific, I suck at dressing like a grown up girl who fits in the corporate world.  And I admit it, I just might have had a bit of a mini-melt down when we were trying to find a couple more work-wardrobe items for me at kohls today… But like my last tweet stated, kroger sushi and mint oreos make it better.  Well sort of.

In my geek-girl persona I am 100% comfortable.  I can get away with fun graphic shirts, jeans, funky colored pants and skirts, fun hair stuff, awesome accessories and flip flops.  But I work in an office… siiiiggghhh… I seem to be all kinds of epic fail lately.

One of the problems is that I’m not at ALL comfortable in dressing for the environment.  I try to be, but its hard.  I feel like I either end up always looking the same, frumpy, dressing too young, looking like a hobo or a combination of all of the above.  Another problem is that I’m still adjusting to the lifestyle change of working in an office for at least 8-hours a day.  In Germany it was awesome working with the muchkins all the time, I burned LOTS of calories.  But at the office I’m on my butt looking at a computer with not so much on the running around side of things.  Add 8 hours in the office to my 3 hour commute in a car and the “wonderful” extras that is in American foods (and yes I know, consoling myself with oreos doesn’t help… but did only have 4! I swear!!) and it ends up being a recipe for a mess in the world of weight gain.  So I do what I can to eat well, but it only goes so far…. which leads me back to the clothes mess…

Oh the life of the fashionably-challenged 😛

Anyone know Tim Gunn’s number so I can get a consult?  Short of that, I’m going to label my work-wardrobe as a huge work in progress!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some 5-mushroom soup to go make for this snowy cold day!


2 thoughts on “Sucking at Life…

  1. Come back to Germany and there will not be a commute that long. With 1.5 h you will have passed at least three mayor cities with a lot of jobs :). And you will walk to the farmers market on weekends, cycle to everything else…

  2. I totally know what you mean about the “dress code”. And besides that–sometimes I get sad that I don’t actually have a “fashion style”. I wear things that are fairly anonymous and I wish I could figure out what my “style” actually is–so I could…spend a bunch of money on that! Heh.

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