{Insert Witty Post Title Here}

So before sitting down to blog while listening to the roar of the dishwasher and allowing my peel off mask to stop being sticky I thought back to what all I had posted on this here blog this year.  After sitting down I glanced over my posts for this year and realized that other than the lack of posts, the things I have written haven’t been great, nor have they been along the lines of my plan to take over the blogosphere.  The content has been, shall we say, crappy?  And yes, especially in line with my clothes shopping melt down post I do want to say and recognize that everyone, and definitely myself included, has those “days of teh suck”, but I need to find a balance and STOP making this place all emo and crud.

Blogging makes me happy.  Seeing comments makes me happy from my all of three readers (I assume there have to be more of you though…at least I hope there are!).  And I want this again to be my “happy place”.

That said, time for an update on what’s been going on so far in the lives of JP and me in 2012.

JP has started his spring semester, and I’m gleeful that this is (SHOULD BE) his last semester of taking Latin!  Damn medievalists and needing to learn a dead language 😛

Sally is STILL in the cone of shame – but her sores look like they’re getting better!  We’re hoping she’ll be all healed soon!!  Also, and I don’t know why, when she’s in the cone she reminds me VERY strongly of the sweeping dog thing from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. /shrug

I’m still battling the early morning commute to Indy.  Things have gotten crazier thanks to preparations for the Super Bowl happening downtown.   We’re over a week out and things are already being shut down and screwing with my commute.  For instance, one of the roads I take to go home all of the sudden had a STAGE pop up yesterday that took over THREE LANES of traffic.  Dude, WTF?!  NOT COOL!  Sigh… The result is going to be me working 4 10-hours and carpooling in with some coworkers next week so I can avoid being in on Friday next week.

What else is going on… oh, we’re slowly getting back into gaming.  Oh how good it feels to get the dice rolling!  Aaaand I got recent pictures of the boys from Mrs. Munchkin, and holy cow, Munchkin 3 is SO not the baby I left in July!!  He’s a full on little boy now.  Talk about time going quickly!

Alright, its late (for me anyway!) and I still have NO idea what I’m wearing to work tomorrow… need to fix that!  And make coffee… something that has totally proved to be an essential part of my mornings with the crazy commute happening 😛

So here’s looking forward to more frequent posts with better content.  And bringing this back to Lizzy’s happy place!

Night interwebs!


3 thoughts on “{Insert Witty Post Title Here}

  1. Looking forward to your new happy place 😀

    Yeah, it can become a habit to focus on the yuck parts of life, so I’m glad to read you are pulling away from that mindset. On to bigger and better things, right?

  2. And Munchkin #3 arrived in his “terrible twos”. But at least he is very cute (and smart) while having his tantrums. He runs off from wherever he is to find a padded place to throw himself on the floor and then starts crying. We all can’t stop laughing about him which makes him even more mad. Too cute.

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