Octopus Tea

I’m friends with an awesome group of ladies on facebook and we decided to not only do a Secret Santa exchange this year, but we did a Secret Valentine too!  And the girl who got me for our VDay shindig got me possibly one of the most AWESOME mugs on the face of the earth:


HOW freaking awesome is that?!  So I’m enjoying my Sunday morning tea with an OCTOPUS!!  This makes Lizzy a very happy geeky girl who has a non-sexual thing for cephalopods 😀

In other internet note-worthy news, JP and I are doing pretty good.  Not only did I get glasses, but he (finally, thank you big corporate job for insurance) got some earlier this week.  Valentine’s Day to be exact.  Which means he can drive at night again!  Woot!!  Well… drive at night safely… 😉

Other than that we’re just going about our lives as usual.  Lent is on the horizon, and we’re going off meat again this year.  Sally is FINALLY out of her cone of shame, which she seems VERY relieved about — she’s able to itch her face.  And DUDE, when you have a dog in that thing for a couple months watch out because boy oh boy does the hair stack up around the base where it sits on their neck!  I swear, JP must have brushed out another complete dog!

Ok, now that my tea is empty, Sally is BEGGING to be allowed on the balcony. 🙂


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