Manic Music Monday: President’s Day!

We’re the an-i-maaaaan-i- acs! Da da da, something, something…. yeeeeaaahhh… I don’t remember the words…. which I’m guessing I SHOULD be ashamed of because I’m pretty sure that JP can sing the whole thing from memory 😛  I CAN however sing the Pinky and the Brain theme AND the Gummi Bears theme AND the Wishbone theme songs from memory though!  Ahh, to be a kid who grew up with TV in the 90s 😉

Anyway, in honor of President’s day, I thought this would be a fitting song:

Bet I made ya grin 😉

So yeah… go learn something new about a president you don’t go into much depth about in the average history/civics course.  Think names like Van Buren or Buchanan.  And I dunno… go eat some apple pie?


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