Channeling my inner hipster crafter!

I don’t know about whats going on in other parts of the US, or the world, weather-wise, but here in Indiana it seems to be spring already. And we’re not even half-way through March!!  MADNESS I say!

Over the weekend we had absolutely beautiful weather, and despite being overcast, today was pretty nice out too (makes me wish that I didn’t work in an office!)  We actually saw our first robin yesterday — which if you ask me means that it IS spring gosh darn it.  In addition to planning my salad garden/balcony flowers I decided to get crafty and channel my inner hipster (or at least what I consider to be hipster…) or at least my inner awesome Etsy-craftster wannabe, and made what I think is a pretty awesome spring wreath for our door:


I got a styrofoam wreath thinger at a craft store, covered it with little circles of newspaper that I coated in tacky glue, made flowers and pinned them into the wreathe and added a bright green ribbon.  Makes me happy, and since I said March is my happy month, I had to share 🙂

So, whaddaya think?  Hipster craft or not?


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