30 Day Challenge of Happiness: Days 22-24

I got news at work today that my summer
wetland field work schedule has been changed.
Instead of 3 weeks on/1 week off I’m going to
be staying out there for nearly 9 weeks straight!

Can you say LOTS of skype dates are in store for
JP and me?

That said, things have been pretty busy (again),
so here we go!

Silly as it might be, all the pictures my friends post of their
kiddos on facebook.  Hope for not only my own
family one day when we pop a geekling out,
but for the future, because my friends are
all raising awesome little humans.

So, no picture really 😉

Walking in the woods/prairie/desert.

Basically anywhere where I’m in nature!

How about to a few people?

My dear Sisters:
(Katie, Meghan and Mary)

You are an awesome human beings!

Katie – you are passionate and driven,
and in someways smarter than I am.
You have your goals and know what you want
and aren’t afraid to go your way
even when people tell you they think its silly
or not the right choice.

Meghan – you are daring and brave.
Even when things are rough, you
do whats right for you.
That thing when you were engaged
and it fell apart?  Your strength with that
still astounds me to this day.
Especially how you’re still going through
life and thriving.

Mary – you are graceful and are turning
into a beautiful young woman.
I look forward to seeing what you do
and where you go!
And can I just say you exhibit a grace
that I know for a fact I will never have?
You walk like a real lady, and I tend to
thump around like bigfoot.  You’re awesome!

Love you all!

^^^Picture of all four of us  squished into the car in Peru!^^^

Other awesome people doing the challenge too:

Danielle & Mo Love


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