What does Lizzy do all day?

So I should just stop making promises to

Lately I’ve been working a whole lot – where I drive, dig holes, walk across row crop fields (I think my personal hell probably includes having to step over rows of baby corn plants), ID plants, look at the undersides of hawks to ID them, showering after work, QAing the day’s work, respond to work emails or do expense reporting, get dinner, call JP, personal email and facebook time, zone out to tlc or the food network for a while, try to fall asleep before midnight without a knock-off tylenol PM (due to back pain and feeling restless some nights – don’t worry, its not EVERY night), and finally fall asleep enveloped in a cocoon of pillows (because there’s no JP there) before getting up to repeat a similar day Monday through Saturday.  I get Sundays off, where I usually try to do just about nothing aside from try to go to Mass (which I hate to admit, but its been hit and miss while I’ve been out), rest (of course), do some beautification like a mask (gotta love my still teenage-like skin… more on that later), veg out, laundry if I must, and talk to JP as long and as often as he’ll let me.  I will say that despite the long hours and the insane time away from JP and Sally, being outside still beats being in an office most days.  Though there are totally those where I miss the regularity.

That has pretty much summed up my time out here… And now you get to see just how “sexy” I look on a daily basis:

 You like?  And LOOK! I’m even in trend because I’m wearing NEON!!!

Anyway, its latish for me and I want to try to sleep in a bit and STILL make Mass at 10:30 tomorrow morning.



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