Sunday, Sunday, Sunday….Time for a Recharge!

I had the opportunity to check out Dickson Mounds with my coworkers this morning, but opted not to.  My reasoning?

First, we were up LATE QAing last night, and I’m still not done.  I need to transcribe some notes still…

Second, I realized that while I like the guys I work with, I really needed to simply take some time out for myself.  I’m working with them 6 days a week, and as selfish and silly as it sounds, that’s enough.  I’ve just ended the 6th week out here. 😛

And finally, third, I wanted to go to 10:30AM Mass — and they were leaving at 9AM…  so now I post-Mass I’ve had my lunch (BK gets props for having veggie burgers, even if there was WAY too much sauce), have a mask on and am vegging out to YouTube videos, Say Yes to the Dress, and reading blogs.

All in all, I think it’ll be what I need.  Off to continue to veg out, and wait for JP to call me back.

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