Tuesday, June 5th

So I’ve been home since Sunday night after I reeeeaaaallly long travel day (15 hours thanks to a freaking huge layover in Chicago).  I spent Monday at home resting up from a very busy weekend, and getting pampered a bit.  JP scheduled me some much needed spa time after running around in steel-toed boots for two months and generally not feeling like much of a girl.  I got my hair cut, a mani/pedi and a facial!   It was also part of my birthday gift.  Am I spoiled or what? 🙂

I worked for a few hours today, and will go in for approximately a half day tomorrow to be followed by doing a little shopping in Indy with JP, which is likely going to include hitting up the German shop and maybe trader joes!

Given that I need to go buy some much needed items (new pair of jeans, new pot of benefit boi-ing…) I’m finding myself really taking a hard look at clothing, accessories and cosmetics I own and deciding what would be more “me”.  By that, meaning what I will actually use and where, getting rid of what I don’t.  Last year was year 25 for me, and as silly as it sounds, I feel like as my 26th gets closer I’m needing to knuckle down and become not only more me, but more of a grown up, and ignore the silly extras that will be either used or worn once.  So here’s hoping tomorrow goes well shopping-wise.

Expect pictures from our adventures tomorrow too 🙂


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