The Yuppie Factor?

While JP and I were making an awesome vegetarian stirfy for dinner we discussed where we plan on going from this point in regards to our food choices, including where we’re going to shop.  JP made mention that he wanted to start shopping for better organic foods at two of the small local chains  and the farmer’s market because he wants to really look at eliminating GMOs from our diets.   I told him that I didn’t disagree, but that I felt like a TOTAL yuppie!  JP reminded me that even Hank Hill approved of grass fed beef and local tomatoes, so I shouldn’t think of it as a yuppie move.

The other thing that’s been on my mind along the lines of this “yuppieness” is the whole Target vs Walmart debate.  After I got back we needed something and it was 11pm so we hit up Wallyworld.  I can honestly say that it. was. hell.  We needed two things and stood in line for over 30 minutes because not only were there long lines, BUT there was a couple who argued that a stinkin throw pillow was marked for $.50 instead of $15… THEN the people directly in front of us took forever to finally decide who was paying for what and flip flopped a dozen time over whether they were getting a puzzle or not.  I will say this about being “old and married”, there aren’t debates about who is paying for what.  Because, well, there was no pre-nup so everything is joint.  It makes things SO much easier.  Or at least that’s my perception.  Anyway, back to Target vs Walmart.  On the way home JP  said he hadn’t realized until that mess how much BETTER Target was, and that he was basing that on the typical customers.   Well,  that and the fact that when the lines get long Target OPENS MORE LANES and the cashiers are nice.

So where are we… oh, right, small local organic foods, local grocers, and Target.  OH! and I guess I should add Etsy.  Though, would Etsy be more of a hipster thing?  Eeeesh!

Anyway, I guess when you somewhat sum us up you have a geeky couple who happens to have a flair of hipster and yuppie tenancies.  Meh, whatever, labels are lame, right? :p

We’re just us after all 🙂


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