Getting over the Grumpies

For a good chunk of the weekend I had the grumpies.  And yesterday, Monday, was well, one of those Mondays.  I tried to stay positive, I really did!  But, gosh darn it, sometimes its freaking hard!  And I totally blame it, at least in part, of not having had a stash of endorphin-producing dark chocolate in my desk. (something which I will HAVE to remedy after this next field mobilization)

One of the grumpies had to do with a geekling coming into the picture – something that will be happening later rather than sooner.  Another has to do with the atmosphere at work lately – as it happens with stress and change.  As a result I am SO frakking happy that there is a holiday in the middle of the week.  I’m hoping to come back refreshed and ready to remobilize for more wetlands work.  Now I just have to do laundry and pack 😛

OH! we finally saw Prometheus over the weekend, and I found a happy little gif.  And since this is my happy place, here ya go!

sci fi fantasy - Prometheus in a Nutshell


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