Of Clint Eastwood and New Debit Cards

So this weekend is my last before heading back out for more fieldwork, which I expect will include walking through more cornfields (though sadly some corn will be dead), digging more soil pits (oh please please please let there be some sandy soils), and making faces at cows (my college adviser suggested I get beef jerky and shake it towards them).  It should be fun though, and I’m looking forward to it.  I fly out Tuesday, and the idea is that I will be back in about three weeks.  I’m not holding my breathe that it will be exactly three weeks, but if it HAPPENS to be that way I’m in NO way going to complain.  After all, our third anniversary is coming up in… hold on… gotta count…  26ish days!  And hooooooly crap, when did that happen?

Anyway, this weekend is going to at least be in part about getting the last of what I need before heading out, and packing my carry on bag  – I shipped my action packer of field gear earlier for a LOT less than checked baggage would cost, though I was dumb and did NOT put my boots or hard hat in it…. I am >so< smart.  Aside from that, I like to think that I’ve0been smarter about what I packed, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I STILL will have packed too much in one way or the other…  I AM however NOT packing nearly as many consumables this time around (meaning things like shampoo and bar soap) because well, they have walmart in kansas — which looks like in MANY cases is going to yet again my my source for groceries, which I suppose is better than having only a c-store!  Gotta keep looking at the bright side of life, no?

So, tonight we’re watching, well, more like mainly listening to, a Clint Eastwood movie (don’t ask me which, I didn’t see when JP put on), and in the morning in addition to getting a couple last minute things here, like a laptop sleeve for extra protection, I need to activate my brand new debit card.  No, I wasn’t due for a new one.  I’m SO talented (read spacy) that I lost it somewhere between Indy and Btown last week when I was getting gas. /headdesk.  BUT at least its in!!  It shall be activated tomorrow morning followed by a trip to ye olde kroger to see if Luna bars are still on sale, and if so pick up a few of the protein variety for eating in the field.  I get to play “doctor” and repair my “expensive” backpack from Target and I’m thinking that breakfast out is in order for tomorrow.  The only question is, should we got to that bagel place I went to before seeing Moonrise Kingdom, or the farmer’s market?  Decisions, decisions…

The rest of the weekend is going to be dedicated to spending quality time together in one way or another.  I have a feeling it will include trying to play through Civilization the boardgame together at some point.


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