Friday Fives: I’m going back to school!

… well, SORT of…

Have you heard about this really freaking
cool website called Corsera?

You get to take college level courses for FREE from TOP universities
-think Duke and Princeton, granted, you don’t get credit (you will get
a certificate of completion), but from
what I’ve seen, there are some pretty awesome courses.

Also, what a great way for me to get BACK into the student mindset
before I apply for graduate school.

Here are five I’m contemplating on taking this Fall:

1. Introduction to Sustainability
University of Illinois
Dr. Jonathan Tomkin
Why: While I was an Environmental Studies major in college.
and currently WORK in the field, I’m TOTALLY excited to
retake an intro class like this as a refresher course!

2.  A History of the World since 1300
Princeton University
Dr. Jeremy Adelman
Why: Well, why not?  Actually, its because I’m a bit of a
history buff, and my course of study in undergrad I wasn’t
able to fit in as many history courses as I wanted (not
enough wiggle room and often conflicted with required
courses for my major!).

3. Greek and Roman Mythology
University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Peter Struck
Why: Because mythology is fun!
Do I need another reason?
Oops, is my geek showing a little bit?
Eh, whatever, you should expect that by now 😉

4.  Introduction to Astronomy
Duke University
Dr. Ronen Plesser
Why: Space! The final frontier!
Again… geeeeeeeeeeek!  And besides,
it would be a good idea to know more about space
just in case the Cylon invasion happens sooner
rather than later.

5.  Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World
University of Michigan
Dr. Eric S. Rabkin
Why: I like to read, and sci-fi/fantasy happens to
be my most read genre (do I need to explain?).
am signing up for this since it starts on Monday, and
totally looking forward to the reading list 😀


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