My Morning Routine (fieldwork edition)

Waking up this morning I realized that I have a somewhat funky morning routine when I’m out doing field work.  I don’t technically have to be up as early out here or on the go as soon after waking up, and with the time difference (I’m in working in the Central time zone this summer), I sort of sleep an extra hour, tough my body TOTALLY doesn’t think that’s the case. 😛

In the field on a typical morning my alarm goes off at 6AM, which is an hour later than at home.  (I actually have two alarms going off fifteen minutes apart just in case.)  In the first fifteen minutes I try to have the TV on for background noise, and my show of choice is 19 Kids and County/A Baby Story (yeah, I’m a bit of a TLC junkie).  I get out of being groggy to the sound of a HUGE homeschool family, and as soon as pregnant women going into labor comes on, I know that I need to be up and OUT of bed (if I haven’t since gotten up) and getting dressed, putting sunscreen on, getting blister protection on and finally putting my steel toe boots on.

I then get down to breakfast (if the hotel has one included – if not that’s a whole other type of morning) and try to be finished eating by about 8AM so I can begin checking out our route/filling out safety paperwork/going a pre-work vehicle walk around.  After that is complete then we head out.

And now I need to get my moleskin, socks and boots on so I can go eat!

Hope everyone has a great Monday, and if you’re going to be outside, remember to protect yourself with sunscreen!


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