Going Going Going… and crash!

That pretty much sums up how life has been since I left for the last mobilization, and I have a feeling that is how life it going to continue.  After work on Tuesday, JP and I packed up and headed to Houston for a week for a bit of vacation, which resulted in our normally 18 hour drive (we do it straight through) turning into nearly 22 hours thanks to running into the tail end of a tornado (oops!), taking a couple wrong turns, getting stopped by at LEAST a dozen trains, and one accident scene where it took us an hour to go two miles.  But we made it all in on piece(I think), and I only wanted to very slightly slap a woman at a mexican foodery last night who was extremely rude and had obviously had too many tequila shots. And no, I don’t think I was being overly sensitive about her, and if she had insulted JP once more (who politely asked her to keep the tone down so we could hear our own conversation) she would have ended up with a glass of ice water and some German curse words being thrown at her.  Sure, being up for 36 hours probably had something to do with it, but since when is it ok to yell your conversation in a public place?  Yeesh!

Texas thus far is hot, and the sales people are entirely TOO chatty.  Lol, then again, maybe I’ve lived up north for too long, but since when is complimenting toenail polish something that someone in menswear at Dillards does?  Oh life here is on a much different drum beat than things are at home, and TOTALLY different than in Germany.

Yesterday was also our 3rd wedding anniversary, which due to the drive, wasn’t marked by anything big, and I honestly can’t see us really doing anything this year.  Its not for lack of wanting to or ability, but rather due to energy.  Field work has me tired out (and I’ll admit, on the grumpy side) and JP is working on finishing a research project on a potential dissertation project.  That, and I figure, we can have a pass at doing something “special” every three years.  I think to celebrate we’re probably going to go see Shakespeare at Miller Outdoor since that’s where we met and had our first date.  Nice, low key, and I am SO getting a bunch of cupcakes from either Sprinkles or Sugarbabies in addition to dinner from Central Market which sounds like a very nice relaxing way to celebrate 😀

Ok, time to go be social.  And I need to find a phone charger… and a camera charger… and do laundry!  Lol, so much for “crashing”.  :p



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