Friday Fives: Nicrophorus PARTY!

So, my first day out on the beetle surveys I was lucky and saw four different nicrophorus species.  Today luck was still with me and I got to see a FIFTH!!  Needless to say, both my partner and I were geeking out just a leetle bit.  Here are the five we’ve found so far:

Note: I keep forgetting my camera, so all images are from!

1. Nicrophorus tomentosis:

2. Nicrophorus pustulatus

3. Nicrophorus orbicollis

4. Nicrophorus marginatus

5. Nicrophorus carolinus



We’re still on the hunt for Nicrophorus americanus, since that’s the
little guy I need to handle to apply for my ABB permit 😀


2 thoughts on “Friday Fives: Nicrophorus PARTY!

  1. I live in Montana and just found a beetle like this moving a dead mouse and didn’t know what it was, I have photos and think by looking a pictures on line it could be the Nicrophorus americanus, how would one know for sure??

    1. Rick — Here is South Dakota’s USFWS ID guide for the little guys:

      As you can see, the ABB is pretty distinctive. IF you do positively identify that you saw an ABB I would strongly recommend contacted the South Dakota Fish and Wildlife office and well as the Montana office. I don’t recall there being a known ABB population in Montana, but if you stumbled upon one that would be VERY cool!

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