That Chill in the Air!

The last few mornings of fieldwork have been on the chilly foggy side.  Starbucks has pumpkin spice lattes again, and halloween goodies are starting to show up in various places.

That can only mean that one of my four FAVORITE seasons is on the horizon:


Needless to say, I’m excited.  I’m looking forward to being home with the cooler temperatures, the long evening walks this season prompts, the change in the leaves, the wardrobe, cider from a local orchard, baking, sweaters, soups!  Oh how I’m looking forward to it!!!

Beetle season ends in a few days, which means I only have a little longer to get the ABB I need to apply for my permit.  Eek!  Here’s hoping I get one.  If not, no big deal, I just get to sling gizzards again next year.  I could think of worse things to do 😉  After beetle season closes, chances are I will be doing some more wetlands work, and then I’ll be home by October 1!

I love what I’m out doing, but after nearly 6 months of continual fieldwork I’m ready to sleep in my own bed for more than a couple nights.  And I know JP is ready for me to be home too.  I’m to the point once again where I have to think REALLY hard about what day of the week it is.  I know the date, but there have been more than a handful of instances where my brain will make a dead stop and I have to think REALLY hard about if its Monday, or maybe its Friday???

Also, the passed couple days have been on the rougher side.  Thursday I ended up getting cut while crawling through a barbed-wire fence (let it be noted that I went THROUGH, not over!) and since I haven’t had a tetanus shot since 2000 right before I went to Nevada Youth Range Camp so the company nurse thought that it would be in everyone’s best interest that I got get a booster.  Should be simple, right?  Turns out that if you happen to have an allergy where you need a tetanus ONLY shot (allergies) and happen to be working outside of Tulsa its pretty hard to find.  It took three different clinics, lots of phone calls, and TONS of stress.  I honestly didn’t THINK it would be as hard as it was to find a place with it.  I mean, before NYRC I was living in freaking Tonopah, Nevada and THEY had it!  Ugh!  Anyway, its not worth anymore thought beyond the paperwork that needs to be sent off.  I got the shot, my arm is sore from it, and the cut is healing.  So we’re good!

Now, to leave you with something fun.  Yesterday I peeled out of the truck with camera in hand to chase an OBESE SKUNK!  It was seriously the CHUBBIEST skunk with the fluffiest tail I’ve ever seen!  The think had fat rolls that JIGGLED!!  I named him Mr. Skunky-McPudgersom, and here’s a picture for your enjoyment (this was a close as I got to him. he was obese, but not by any means slow!):

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