Gearing Up Again

Today and yesterday — well the whole week really, I’ve been getting ready to remob out for Indiana Bat habitat surveys!

The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the weather, which I made the mistake of looking at… it MIGHT snow next week where I get to survey.  Eeesh.  So, looks like I’ll have gotten to deal with the two extremes — in July the weather was over 115 a couple days (which is NOT fun when you have miles on end to walk) and now it will be freaking cold.  Oh the loveliness of working outside.  However, do not take this for me complaining about working outside, because, well, you know I love it 😉

This big thing that I worry about is leaving JP right now.  I of course will miss him, but the poor guy has gone from having a fever where he can’t get warm enough to sounding like a debarked dog to not being able to speak at all.  Which means I’ve also been fighting off whatever he’s got — hello 5000mg of C per day… SO much fun.   The other thing is that I won’t be back until the day before Thanksgiving, which means I’m leaving a HUGE chunk of getting ready for guests on his shoulders.  I’m doing what I can before I take off in a couple hours, but I feel like no matter how much I do it won’t be enough :-/

Aaand I just got a phone call from my partner arranging when to pick him up.  So off I go to finish cleaning and packing rental.

More later from the road!

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