Chin Up

Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much this round of surveys.  Quite frankly, a part of that has been due to bat habitat surveys not nearly being as interesting as trapping beetles.  Don’t get me wrong, the work is still enjoyable.

What has not been enjoyable is dealing with some of the antics of upper management and miscommunication.  The stress of tonight’s round of antics has led to me getting upset and going and pushing myself too hard on the treadmill and a migraine.  Which of course is “fun”.

The other hard part is that due to said miscommunication, I have one member of said management not at all happy with me because that person was under the impression that I had agreed to be in the field until right before Christmas.  Which, uh, no was not the case.  I agreed to be back out for just over a calendar month, but that apparently was NOT communicated, so ARGE.  It also meant that I got lectured for jumping ship before my commitment ended.  Thankfully I had the original email when I was asked about how long I could work, and was able to forward that onto management.  So, lesson of the night?  Never, and I mean NEEEEVER ever, delete any work-related emails.  I’m just hoping that the one I forwarded on is enough to save my butt 😛

I’d love to write more, but my head is pounding, and I still feel sick to my stomach.  So, expect pictures tomorrow!




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