Taking a Few Breaths

Since Thanksgiving I’ve felt like work has been making me just go at warp speed.  Field work was pretty crazy, then I had a whirlwind 4 days in the office, and a LONG drive down to Texas for Christmas festivities.

The drive down was interesting — we rented a car to save mileage on our cars (JP’s is nearing 100k, and he’s still learning to drive my stick-shift) and winter storm Draco decided to dump about 3-inches of snow on Bloomington Thursday night.  And this was when we weren’t supposed to have accumulation… So picking up the rental was interesting, especially since we have a series of hills around our apartment.  Then after we loaded up and were heading out we had to deal with some international students who had never driven in snow trying to get up the little hill… I have no idea if they got out (and I hope they didn’t get into an accident later in the day), but we managed to pass them very tightly.

The drive down was stressful due to slippery roads until we hit southern Indiana, but then it was pretty smooth sailing until Arkansas.  I should note that we DO need to update our GPS, because we hit a hunk of I69 that’d been built more recently, and the poor thing kept getting confused and yelling at us. Then just outside of Little Rock we hit a massive delay on I40.  It took us over 2 hours to go less than 10 miles.  Ugh, not fun.  We were SO happy we decided to cash in my Holiday Inn points on a room for the night so we could rest before taking on the beast that is Houston traffic.

We made it, and we only have a couple more things to figure out gift-wise before JP’s grandparents arrive tomorrow (we’ll be celebrating with all four of his, in addition to aunts, uncles, cousins, etc!), and then we’ll be all set.

In addition to blogging, catching up on facebook happenings, and working on finishing Dance of Dragons, I’m totally taking advantage of my in-law’s dish, and watching the finale of Iron Chef Redemption (I started watching it in the field).  All in all, its been nice and relaxing.  So far, the prefect holiday.  I only wish that my family wasn’t in Zambia so I could see them too 😛  Maybe next year.  Now we just have to figure out when would be good for a skype call to them… I’m thinking maybe after JP and I get back after Midnight Mass…

Alright, enough babbling for tonight.  And now to see if Chef Freitag will win like I really want her to!! (Edit: she didn’t. laaaame)


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