So this is Christmas

I honestly am unsure of where to begin this post, so we’re just going to dive into it.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve, lots of family over, a good “traditional” dinner of Chinese take out (a nod to A Christmas Story).  It actually got freaking cold here thanks to the wind and humidity so we were bundled up when we took Sally for a shorter than planned walk after dinner.

The next morning my mother-in-law got a call bright and early that JP’s grandfather was taken to the hospital because he was having heaviness in his chest.  Thankfully his cardiologist was on call, so they began running tests that day and yesterday.  He passed all of them with “flying colors”.  It was speculated that he needed a stint put into another artery that the hadn’t gotten to during his bypass surgery a little over a year ago.  So now we’re in the waiting stages because he was a squeeze in for today’s schedule.

Good thoughts, prayers and such would be appreciated.  JP (and the rest of his family) are nearly sick with worry, and he, his mom and grandmother have been at the hospital since early this morning.  The rest of us (his dad, brothers and me) are trying to sort out some car issues that came up last night, then we’ll be headed there too.  And I extended our rental car a couple more days.

So, here’s hoping that New Year’s Eve comes around and all is well.


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