Friday Fives: 2013 Resolutions

So, its been a while since we’ve had a Friday Five post, hasn’t it?  The events since Christmas Day have put me in a rather reflective mood, so much so that I decided to take the whole New Years’ resolution thing seriously.

In 2013 I will:

  1. Run at least one 5k – I’ve been wanting to, but haven’t gotten off my lazy butt to actually do it.  Better yet, I’m going to make JP do it with me.  This also means that we get to start training in the snow and ice.  Yay…?  Also, I have a feeling that a certain border collie will appreciate more walks/jogs.
  2. Blogging.  I am going to commit to doing at least 40 Wordless Wednesday and 40 Firday Fives posts, in addition to at least one other post a week over the next year.  A lot happened in 2012, and I’m now kicking myself for not committing it to writing.
  3. Read more, facebook less.  Not that the facebooks are a bad thing, but I have the reading list up there ^^ as well as a few other lists that I need to get cracking on.  Also, I have NO excuse now since I have figured out how to get books from the library on my dang kindle 😛
  4. Cook real food more, and shop according to a planned written menu. We’ve fallen into the habit – granted field work for 8 months was part of it – of eating out and foods like lean cuisine or organic mac n cheese…  This also results in us making MULTIPLE trips to Kroger on weekends and during the week because we aren’t buying things for full meals…
  5. Talk to and visit our families more.  The thing with JP’s grandfather scared both of us, and I’ve already lost a grandmother.  It might mean that I’ll be taking some unpaid time here and there so we can see everyone, but I think that both of us have come the realization that we need to connect more with our families, and holy crap, our grandparents are getting older!  (btw, grandma and grandpa — I know you’re reading this and NO going away until JP and I produce a great-grandkid!)

So, there we have it.  Now that this is written down it doesn’t seem like too long of a list, BUT I have a feeling that this will be challenging as it is!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go dry my hair and take a musinex for this dang Texas cold I seem to have acquired… also, we’re a-going boot hunting for this Texan-by-marriage with my Christmas money tomorrow before we leave on Sunday 😉


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