South Texas Girl

While I was working on various tasks today I kept hitting repeat on the ol’ ipod on this particular Lyle Lovette song:

While Lyle has many songs about Texas, this one in particular puts me in a rather reflective mood, and also makes me the most homesick for the state of my high school and college years.  I still largely identify as a native Nevadan, and that state will always have a special place in my heart – especially the smell of the State Flower, but there is just something about Texas and the culture.  Then again, it could also be the whole Texan-by-marriage thing too.

But, seriously, up until very recently I used to not be TOO concerned about eventually putting my “roots” down somewhere, but lately JP and I have started talking about where we want to be in 5, 10, 15, 50 years from now.  Part of it is that JP’s preliminary examinations (it sounds so fancy when you spell it out!)  we’re actually starting to see the very beginnings of the crest of the PhD mountain.  The other part is that I have a very strong suspicion that we’re going to get going with expanding our family with puppies, babies and bigger kids within the next couple years.  Which means, after 4 1/2 years together (3 1/2 married) we just might be growing up a teeny tiny bit.  Imagine that.  Granted, a good chunk of being a grown up still sucks (gotta love getting a raise and the payroll tax increase resulting in you having LESS take-home pay), but I can finally say that I’m enjoying being a grown up and looking forward to what will be coming our way in the future.

Ok, back to the whole Texas bit.  JP and I have been thinking that even if he doesn’t end up with a position in Texas right that we’re going to start saving money to go towards a hunk of land somewhere in Texas and build a house on it, and lease a good hunk of the rest of it for cattle.  Eventually though, we’re going to want to head back to Texas.  Its something that both of us are feeling a really strong desire to do.  Which, in a way I’m still a little at odds with.  I grew up moving every few years, which in quite a few ways was awesome, and I know it made me the person I am today.  I mean, hello, my parents (and youngest sister) are in freaking ZAMBIA right now!  So in addition to feeling the draw to move back to Texas, I also have a really strong yearning to move back somewhere with an international airport (and no, Indy doesn’t count – the international flights there just go to Canada!) since it would be nice for my parents.  Anyway, back to my point, part of me still wants to be all gun-ho about JP and I popping everywhere with kiddos and not setting up any really permanent place.  I mean, my siblings and I grew up ok, right?  Then again, I might want to ask Mary how its going since she’s the one who has gotten to live internationally the most out of the five of us 😉

So, that was my rambling tonight.  I’m homesick for Texas, and I know JP is too.  And I think we’re both really looking forward to going back in June for Ben’s graduation.  Now, back to my Tuesday night activities that include finishing off the dishes from the weekend (yes, I know I know… mom don’t judge! :p )


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