From Last Week and Beyond

Aside from being in training all last week I’m extremely glad that last week and the weekend are over.  I’m not going to go into detail since things still feel rather private. It was not a fun time for us, even though I got to be (almost) decked out as a a spaceman for training. So yeah, last week basically sucked, and we’re both hoping this week will begin to look more up soon.

As a result of things, I’ve been looking at where things will be in the next couple, five, ten years and done some serious thinking.  The biggest thing for me is coming to the realization that grad school has shifted from being something that I want to do, to something that would be nice to do.  We’re also talking about life shifting to revolve around starting the steps to start our family on the sooner side of the looking ahead timeline.  Part of me is a little bummed about grad school no longer being a priority, I mean there is SO MUCH I could learn and so many awesome professors I could take classes from and work with.  But at the same time, I’ve learned SO much since I got a full time nature girl gig, and I will continue to learn.  I just need to let myself fully realize what this all means, and become totally ok with it.  I mean, it doesn’t mean I won’t ever take graduate classes or eventually get my master’s, it just isn’t going to be something done quickly.

And really, its not so much that I’m giving up on any dreams, I’m just changing them up a bit so we can do what will be best for us.

So, that was kind of an update… I’m hoping that things will even out the next few weeks, and that I can get back into the swing of things.  Also, that JP’s stress level will even out soon.  He was up early with me this morning, and hasn’t stopped moving which has made his stress level peak.  Damn academic conferences/prelim reading lists. (Side note: eating enchiladas while listening to someone mumble in middle high german between bites IS in fact ammusing)


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