Oh Monday…

(Image Care Of…)

In the van this morning I was roused from my slumber by NPR reporting that Benedict XVI has decided to step down from the papal office at the end of the month.  On the one hand I’m in shock over the announcement, on another I’m in awe over the humility of the Pope.  I’m sure this was NOT the easiest decision in the world to make, especially since it has been well over half a millennia since anyone has retired from the office.

The other hand I’ve had to stay away from the comments section of most news sources.  While I love the internet, one thing that I’ve come to really dislike is the hate that comes out of people’s metaphorical mouths because they can hide behind a screen and keyboard.  I mean seriously, I get that not everyone is Catholic, or agrees with the Church, but please keep your unfounded hate to yourself. Spoken or typed, its not becoming of anyone.  So lets all work on being nicer.  We can make the world a better place.

Ok, getting off my mini soap-box.  But seriously internet, don’t make me mad and have to lecture you again.  You don’t want to see my mean side 😛


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