Of Country Songs, Out Geeking and Sushi

So… apparently I’m a BAD Texan-by-marriage. We were watching King of the Hill after we got back from dinner (SUSHI!), the one where all the usual suspects went on vacation to a country music festival.  And a certain someone just might have asked her husband who the heck Randy Travis was, to which that certain person had to explain that NO she did not grow up listening to country, and no she had never heard a couple of the essential country songs – one of which was called All my Exes Live in Texas, or at least I think that was what it was called…

This of course wound up turning into a two-stepping lesson, to which the husband discovered just WHY his wife flunked out of ballet when she was 6.  Yup. Not only is this one tone deaf — as can be attested by every musical audition she’s done, and the poor people who sit next to her in church, and those who heard her at Girl Scout camp — but this white girl totally has NO rhythm ..  So yeah… Apparently I’m a bad Texan-by-marriage because I don’t know THE country everyone knows and I can’t two-step to save my life.  Eh, I have other life skills 😉

Also, at the office earlier I TOTALLY out-geeked myself.  The conversation went something like this:

Coworker #1: Aren’t you happy you’re not out sampling in this weather?

Coworker #2: Totally.  And what the heck is with the name of this storm coming in? Q isn’t really a name.

Me: Aaaacutally there was a character in Star Trek the Next Generation named Q, so in a way it totally is a name.

Coworkers: *Awkward looks at each other and pantomime looser stuff*

Me: *shoulder shrug* Hey, I’m perfectly comfortable in my geekiness. After all, I’m the one with the Battlestar Galactica reference to “fracking” in my cube.

Coworkers: *shake their heads and go back to work*

So yeah… I might have let my geekiness show just a tad bit.  Aand then somehow engineers dating and them being like Vulcans came around and I totally made a pon farr reference in a meeting earlier in the week.  (EDIT: apparently Dilbert had a strip about this in 2011!) I might be at my quota for a while with the sci-fi references.  So I’ll just go back to geeking out about wetlands and T&E species to give everyone a break.  I did just get an email about bat field came too!


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