Recovery Day

So far today I’ve done pretty much a whole lot of nothing while trying to recover from last night — I made the poor choice of drinking a bottle and a half of red wine last night, my reasons are NOT something I’m going to.  It’s enough to say that it was a very bad idea, and the recovery feels like hell, especially when paired with the flu.  Ugh… moving on.

So, in addition to sleeping a lot and going to Sonic to get a large tot, I’ve been watching movies.  By far my favorite today has been New York, I Love You.  I’ve actually been meaning to sit down and watch it for a while, and finally have. Thank you Netflix.  Here are a couple images from my favorite stories:





I’ve noticed that most review sites didn’t rate this film very high, which I of course disagree with.  While several of the stories were very adult (mom, if you watch it, watch it with me so I can skip the more embarrassing ones), so this is not something for the kiddos, but then again neither was Paris, je t’aime, and that is one of my favorite films.

Now I’m off to figure out something for dinner, and possibly watch another movie.


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