Everything and Nothing

The weekend has been laid back and nice, JP has gotten some of his reading done for prelims, and I didn’t have the flu (or a hangover).  Win win, right?

Yesterday we took off in search of The Farm.  We’ve heard people talk about it at church, but in the nearly two years we’ve been in Bloomington we haven’t sought it out.  So, yesterday was THE day.  Plus, there’s a friary of Franciscans there, so how could I NOT go check it out? 😉

After one wrong turn, and a phone call to my brother later we found it.  First we checked out the bookstore, JP inquired about getting a Vulgate Bible (in the Latin of course) as well as some of Benedict XVI’s writings in the original German, and then we took off to check out the rosary path on the hill. I got shy last minute and we did not go see the friars though, so that will have to be another trip… and an email of introduction might be a good idea too.  Someone at church offered to do it, so we just need to email him.  After having a couple years of my life run by Franciscan sisters in college I have a great big hole there.  I’m hoping  to do some land-based volunteering with them.

After the run to The Farm, we headed to go grab some eggs and milk at the store, and then I (stupidly) convinced JP that we should stop by the animal shelter on our way back and look “just for fun”.  Siiiggghhh, if you noticed my tweets earlier you know EXACTLY what happened, we found a little guy who would have been the PERFECT companion for Miss Sally.  He was so sweet, and calm, and not to mention beautiful! Plus, he would have been an awesome dog for kids! But one look at our lease (I want to know how come you can only every have one dog, but can have up to 3 cats here… wtf!?) and a night’s sleep later we realized that the timing was just not right.  I really do hope that a family with kiddos adopts him.  He totally deserves it.  And when we’re not in this complex we will get a friend for Sally.

Our evening ended with Mass, dinner and an earlyish turn in.

Today was relaxed again.  We had pancakes for breakfast, did some shopping (we both needed new jeans — darn things wear out!), made a chicken for dinner, and watched and episode of Game of Thrones.  And now I need to head to bed because I get to get up early tomorrow morning so head to Gary Indiana for the day to do some field work.  Should be “really exciting”.

Oh! Almost forgot to mention it, but I’ve got baby on the brain (my sisters will be thinking “again?!”), so there might be a few geekling-related posts popping up here and there, because well, that silly biological clock thing is ticking, and ticking VERY loudly (see why we wanted a puppy?).  So yeah… and I’m thinking that Geekling 1.0 is going to happen on the sooner side of things. Or at least I hope it does… 😉

Anyway, it’s nearly 10 here, and I’m getting all yawny, so time for sleep… night!


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