Animal, Vegetable, Mineral… VEGANS!

So, as I’m sure you gathered from last week, there tend to be some interesting topics thrown around at work, and not all of them involve me out geeking my coworkers ūüėČ

A couple weeks ago somehow we got on the topic of vegetarianism, mining, trees, and veganism. ¬†I’m not going to go over the entire conversation, this question did come from it:

Can Vegans in good conscious really use plastic or drive cars?

Now to explain why this seemed to hurt our heads, and a disclaimer. ¬†Disclaimer: I myself am not vegan, heck I’ve even been told by several doctors that I’m not allowed to be vegetarian forever due to some weird health quirks, so that said, I am not an expert in this by any FAR stretch of the imagination — I’m just insanely curious.

This question hurt our heads because as I understand it, those who adhere to strict veganism do not use¬†any animal products — and this is where it gets tricky — so the question is how they can drive or use plastics? ¬†Because well,¬†petroleum¬†and petrochemicals come from long dead plants and animals, and if vegans don’t use animal products then can they use things sourced from petrochemicals?

And what if we go a step further, can they use things that were manufactured or delivered using petroleum or petrochemicals?  Anyone?

Also, this brings another question to my mind. ¬†i’m a dork and am in a few beauty-related groups on facebook and a big thing I notice being popular is vegan cosmetics and vegan cosmetic companies. ¬†Actually, I lied, I have two more questions:

First, IF the cosmetic component itself is considered vegan, and if we keep the criteria for petroleum not being vegan, is the vegan eyeshadow or lipgloss tainted by the container it sits in?

Second, and I’ve been wondering this for a while now, how the heck are human hair false lashes vegan?

So, I open it up to you interwebz, what do you think?


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