An INFJ and an INTJ walk into a bar…

Since signing up for the 20sB postcard exchange I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to find some lovely blogs to add to my regular reading list, and with those blogs have some really lovely girls behind them!  While I was browsing Hanna’s Blog earlier I noticed a really cool little badge thing she had on her sidebar, and then I found out its a super awesome blogger project that she and Cassie (another lovely blogger!) started last December, with the nifty badges and a post prompt.

I looked over what Hanna and Cassie both posted, as well as some other bloggers and SO much made sense, and I could relate to what people were saying about themselves.  And since “discovering” in an official sense during one of those Jungian personality tests, I’ve struggled with the fact that the silly little “I” is at the front of the four letters that describe me, but that has gotten SO much better in recent years.  So, count me among the world of introverted bloggers.


Just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean…

  • I’m an anti-social person. This is one thing that I’ve dealt with a good portion of my life.  I like being in social settings, and I like being around people, BUT I do get burnt out.  And it really depends on the situation and when the burn out happens.  I’ve had it happen when I’ve been around one single person and I’ve had it happen when I’ve been in big groups of people.  Rather, I find this happens due to over-stimulation in any situation.  Heck, too much background noise from a TV or March Madness conversations can cause it.  Granted, if given the choice, I’m probably going to opt for staying in and renting a movie over hitting a rave, but there are those times when something like a rave is what the doctor ordered.  Just don’t expect me to want to do anything the following week.
  • I don’t have strong beliefs or opinions.  Or that I’m afraid to voice them.  Rather, I tend to lean towards making sure I have all the facts in front of me before getting myself into an argument or a situation where I have to defend myself.  This was one of the misnomers that after taking the test and getting the results a classmate of mine said something to the effect of all introverts being weak-willed.  Oh that pissed me off.  I later found out this guy was the type who was all bark and no bite, I mean, can you really have opinions on the political climate in the country if you don’t do your part and vote?  I didn’t think so!
  • I’m the weirdo in the corner.  I am not, and I repeat AM NOT, that weirdo in the corner who is planning to kidnap you, skin you and make a people-skin jumpsuit.  Nope, that’s just a little TOO Silence of the Lambs for me.
  • I seek out extraverts to “make up” for my introversionness.  I know several extraverts, and they’re pretty cool people, but if this was 100% the case JP would have been an E-something-something-something, which he’s not.  I actually dated a couple extraverts and it never worked out.  That said,  I score as an INFJ and JP’s an INTJ.  And i believe that JP being a fellow introvert is one of the many reasons that we work so well together.  He gets my need for quiet and alone time, also, it is really nice to not have to feel like someone has to fill the silence with mindless chatter.  We’ve spent many-a evening just being together.  And it works  🙂

10 thoughts on “An INFJ and an INTJ walk into a bar…

  1. I loathe the fact that people think introversion is something that needs to be counteracted or overcome. Being able to appreciate silence with someone is SO rare and special, I’m glad you have someone that understands that!

  2. Ohhh I think that I want to join the postcard exchange…specially if you have positive feedback from it 🙂 I enjoyed this post..I enjoy being in social situations but also feel like I am an introvert

    1. Have you taken a Meyers-Briggs test? That’s what the college had us do, and it was in part to help some people narrow down a major 😉

      Also, the postcard exchange has been awesome, I hope they do another soon 😀

  3. Yay, keeping the moment alive and strong! Great post, and I especially relate to the part about expression opinions. I don’t just talk out of my ass, which means sometimes I keep my opinions to myself until I can go home and Google something so I can better articulate my thoughts.

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