No fooling, April is KICKBUTT month!

So while JP is in the final month of studying for prelims I’ve decided to make my evenings productive to get ready for a family get-together in FLORIDA this May, meaning time to really work on cleaning up my diet -side note, I went grocery shopping and avoided the clearance Easter candy!! I only bought lean meats, veggies, some cottage cheese, sour cream, almond milk and flowers as my “treat”! – and getting my butt into gear.  The whole butt into gear is going to involve following in the April Blogilates calendar (did day one and ended in tears… damn out of shape body, and this was just with a couple months off to heal per doctor’s orders!), and getting back into doing myBarre3 again!!  Also, on Woot last week I got myself a pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes (you know, the really funny looking things?) to start doing C25k several days a week in.  I wore them for a little while over the weekend and they are comfortable!  My toes just got a little over-stimulated from being separated, and I plan to run in them for the first time soon — I just need to ease myself back into actually sweating daily 😉

Wish me luck!!  Maybe if I’m brave I’ll post before and after pics 😉

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  I know we did with my mom and baby sister in town!!


One thought on “No fooling, April is KICKBUTT month!

  1. I love Blogilates! Casey kicks butt doesn’t she? I do her workouts when I don’t have a ton of time and just want a good sore core the next day.
    You should totally post before and after pics. I’m all about that! 🙂 Interested to see how the 5 finger shoes go…I’ve heard mixed reviews on those things.

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