Guess what?!

We have some BIG news!!

These two geeks will be back in
(and Sally will be back in Houston…trust us, she’ll be happier!)

We will be heading to:

(image source)

in about SIX MONTHS!

I have a long lost draft of a post from our 36-hour
trip to visit Berlin from summer 2011.
(including the part about the demonic sparrows)
I think that in honor of this excitement I’ll actually dig it out and post it.


Who aren’t so little anymore.  Seriously,
I wouldn’t be surprised if they are
nearly as tall as me by now :p

(can you tell I’m excited?)

Now we just have 6 month of preparations,
packing, passport name changes (still in my maiden name,
and stupid Harris County hasn’t gotten back to me on the certificate copies I need!),
my language skills need to be worked on,
and lots more to get through.


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