Stupid Plants!

So I had a couple posts planned for this last weekend THEN I got back from my field work outside of Chicago after 2am Friday night/Saturday morning, which shot Saturday in the foot. (seriously, I slept until almost noon!) Field work went well, and I got some awesome career advice from the senior staff member I went with 🙂

Sunday we went to Mass, had lunch with some friends at their house where we were introduced to their VERY affectionate newfoundland and played some games. One called Hand and Foot (I’m going to have to get the instructions), and Fluxx (which we’re going to have to buy now!). Then we came home, opened the whole two windows and got some fans going to circulate air before spending the rest of the daylight hours on the balcony reading — well, I was reading for fun, JP was translating old saxon. Oh the life of a phd candidate.

Since Saturday I’ve been PLAGUED with hayfever or a cold, or both.  I’ve been attempting to treat it just as allergies, but homeopathic and OTC meds aren’t helping, so I’m leaning towards a cold… MORE VITAMIN C!  Oh, and ON with taking niquil to try to help me sleep and breathe tonight.  I might even pull out the vaporizer if things cool down tonight to see if that helps… guh… maybe I should have seriously thought about this whole hayfever thing when I was choosing a college major/life path?  I mean, I work outside and with plants… nah, I kinda like being nature girl, I just need to get through this week and we’ll be golden once my body adjusts 😉



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