Enterprise, this is Kirk

So, last night before bed JP and I got
to talking about Halloweens to come,
Halloweens past, and our childhoods.

This was the result:


How was this determined you may ask? Well…
As a kid I went as a Vulcan not one Halloween, but TWO Halloweens.
One year I was a Vulcan Ambassador with a wicked silver dress I found at a thrift shop.
The other year, there was some miscommunication between a friend and me
about who was supposed to be who, and she ended up being Spock and I was Saavik.

I also would regularly watch TOS with this friend and her sister (also a good friend!) and we would play
at having away missions to the park up from their house.  Because playing “house” was
just plain silly.  I was of course in the role of Kirk because I wanted to
be in charge, she was in the role of Spock because she wanted to be
the science officer, and her sister was McCoy because she liked coming
up with her versions of his famous catch phrases.

After I got done telling JP about this he was a tad on the dumb
founded side, and upon asking him, he said I TOTALLY
out-nerded him.

I could think of worse things in life 😉

Also, can you guess who is counting down with enthusiasm for the new movie?


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