Friday Fives: Have You Hugged a Tree Today?

Happy Arbor Day!  April is an awesome month for those of us who are nature-minded, Earth Day and Arbor Day are right after each other 😀  With that, I present you with five tree-related things that make ME happy!

1// The Lorax!

I love the 1972 cartoon so much 😀
Not too big of a fan of the newish movie,
though, it does get props for having
Betty White in it.

2//Arbor Day Foundation Membership!

You get 10 free trees when you join -OR- they’ll plant
10 trees in your honor in a forest!

My parents actually did this in the last house we were
in in Nevada… I should ask a friend to see if any survived 😉

3//The Enchanted Tree from The Last Unicorn

Somehow I don’t think  Schmendrick intended THIS to happen
despite saying he didn’t care… but this is what happens when you
tempt fate:

4// Word’s Oldest Trees!

There is no doubt that trees are amazing.
I had the awesome chance to see some HUGE
oak and hickories in the field last year, and they
all made me super happy 😀

Click above to check out 10 of the oldest trees on
our planet in a slide show presented by the
Mother Nature Network!

5// A Tree Hugger Song

And finally, this song simply makes me happy.
hope it makes you smile too!

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