birthday boy(picture  from my mom’s blog)

My dear baby brother is 20 today
officially making him NOT a teenager

Holy crap, when did you get
so big dear brother?

Also, you being 20 means that
I’m nearly 30… o.O

I remember being SO excited 20
years ago that I finally had a brother!!

And then you puked all over my
favorite red shirt a couple weeks later
when mom asked me to watch you while
she took a shower…. Still love you though!

I can’t wait to see you in a couple
weeks (and I’ll be bringing your
birthday gift then) to see
how not little you are 😉

Love you lots,
and again, Happy Birthday!!

This video of you mom posted from
way back when always makes
me smile!  You’re such a goof 😉
(and being a goof is a GOOD thing!!)


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