Liebster Blog Award!! (Thanks Fe!)


Fe was SO kind to nominate me for the Liebster Blog Award!!

I’m totally taking it to be a blogging happiness type thing!
Seriously, the idea behind it is awesome.

So thanks again Fe!!
(and you’re totally in my blogroll now!)

Let’s dive into this, shall we?


First, the rules:

1. Post eleven facts about yourself.

2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create
eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.

3.Choose eleven people  (with fewer than 200 followers)
to give this award to and link them in your post.
(I cheated here and just did 5… I cite the pirate code!)

4. Go to their page and tell them.

5. Remember, no tag backs.


11 Facts about me

one// I am totally and completely in love with my husband.  And I really do mean that.  I cannot imagine my life without him!!

two// I was in rabbit club for 4-H as a kid.

three// I have NEVER been able to touch my toes. At least not that I can remember!

four// I was mistaken as Zach Hanson in middle school.  Not as fun as that sounds.

five// I go into convulses when I hear anything by def leppard thanks to an ex who was obsessed with them.

six// Even after nearly four years of being married, I STILL have a problem with recipes and not making too much for JP and I.

seven// My first pet was a hamster named Nelly when I was four.  There were two more hamsters named “Nelly” after her.  Ask my mom, it was a complicated mess 😉

eight// I had a crush on Captain Kirk as a kid.

nine// My goal one day is to live mostly-off, if not off the grid.

ten// My favorite smells are clean wet dirt, forests after a rain, mountain air, roses, and JP’s cologne 😉

eleven// I’m tone-deaf.  I took music appreciation in college to “expand my horizons”… yeah, I barely squeaked by with a “C” since  I couldn’t tell if something was major or minor or sharp or flat by ear for the life of me!


Fe’s Quest-i-own-ays:

one// What is your dream car?
a 1950’s Thunderbird convertible with the removable hard top.
candy apply red and chrome please!

two// What is the fastest you have driven a car?
lame as it sounds, my Jetta, but since it’s a German car that
counts for something, right?

three// Do you have any unrealized passions in your life?
yes, I LOVE birds of prey and would love to work with them someday.

four// What is your Favorite Book?
Oh hard one! I’d probably have to go with the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

five// Explain a little bit why you prefer your favorite genre of music.
I like folk because in so many ways it just speaks to the soul.  
The lyrics are generally wholesome, and the music itself feels VERY organic to me.

six// Who would like to meet in the celebrity sphere?
Shatner hands down.  Then Lyle Lovett and Tom Waits.
If you’re including dead guys, Gregory Peck!

seven// Who is your hero?
my mom.

eight// What has been your greatest struggle?
lately it’s been getting over losing our last pregnancy.  
finally (mostly) past the depression stage, though there are rough days.

nine// How did you decide to begin blogging?
I fell into it in high school, then have been going at it off and
on for YEARS.  It was another way for me to journal,

though in a much more public way.  I started
It’s a Geek Life after JP and I got married
because I missed blogging, and as a way for our families
to keep up with our adventures.

ten// What are your favorite colors?
GREEN!  and earthy tones or black.

eleven// What is your philanthropy?
Clean water.  And some religious charities 🙂


I nominate….

Jane at Corn in the USA

Hanna at Excelsior Lady

My Sisters at kateandmeg
(maybe this will poke them into posting again?)

Lauren at the blog you’re about to read

Tricia at Happily Ever Awkward
(she’s back!!!)


Questions from me are:

one// if you had to pack up and move TOMORROW, where would you go?

two// what is your favorite veggie and why?

three// what was the WORST movie you paid to see?

four// what is your go-to happy song when you need a pick-me-up?

five// what was your favorite book when you were growing up?

six// what is your comfort food?

seven// would you be a super villain or a super hero?

eight// what did you want to be when you grew up when you were five?

nine// if you could meet  up with any fictional character for lunch, who would it be?

ten// where is your happy place?

eleven// since summer is coming on, what is your warm weather drink of choice EXCLUDING good old H-two-O?


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