Lyle Lovett!

grabbed this shot as we were headed in!
(sorry for the flash, it really was a last minute picture!!)

Last Thursday after JP’s oral exam

he called me and asked to see if there were still
tickets available to go see Lyle Lovett
since he was due to be in Bloomington that evening.

Not only were there still tickets, but
there were really good tickets left, so
I snagged us a pair, rode the van home,
rushed to change and we headed out for
a night on the town.

Well, as much as a night on the
town can consist of on a Thursday…
we did go out for thai food right before the
show though!


The BCT is the local downtown theatre,
and I don’t think there is a bad seat in
the house.  I meant to snag a
shot of what the band looked like from our
seats, but this homesick Texan-by-marriage
was a bit distracted by the show itself.

Lyle and his band were on stage for nearly 3 hours.
And there was no opening act.

How many ways can you say awesome?

He was personable with the audience,
and since it was a smaller venue there
was quite a bit of dialog going on.

And of course the music was great 😀

JP and I have decided that we’d love
to see Lyle again with his Large Band,
and hopefully someday at
the historic Gruene Hall.


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