Friday Fives: Another Long Weekend!

So with a certain someone going off to Austria, me going to FL last week to see family and now with Memorial Day this Monday I will have had three long weekends in a row!  What a lucky girl I am!

Here are the plans for this weekend:

  1. See Star Trek.  This girl has to get her Trek on 😉
  2. Bathe Sally.  I need to just do it.
  3. Sampling! Today I did my first solo sampling and tomorrow I get to do my second.
  4. Go to Lafayette to see friends!
  5. Hiking — I don’t know where yet, but Sally and I have a date on Monday 🙂

So yeah, I admit, this was a kinda lame post, but its late, and I’m tiredish, but mostly JP is online and I want to chat with him 😉


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