Friday Fives: Disney Tips from a n00b!

My Pass!!

So a couple weeks ago I went and spent time with my family down
in Orlando and we took on Disney!

Before then I had never set foot in a Disney park,
the exception being Katie who had gone to
Downtown Disney a couple years back.

But I have to ask if that really counts?


Anyway, it was an experience, and while
it totally wasn’t my thing (the airboat was!),
I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself.

Here are five things I wish I had known before hand,
think of this as my tips to other Disney-rookies.
(also, I know that if I had probably googled it
before I left Indiana I would have known these
things going in. But I didn’t so learn from my
rookie mistakes!!)

one// Wear good shoes!

I stupidly didn’t do this.  You would think someone
who sometimes hikes as part of her job would know
better. But I didn’t and wore some craptastic
glittery sandals.  My ankles were swollen
for a WEEK after, and it hurt to walk  for
a couple days following.

I blame the late snows in Indiana.
I must’ve been thinking HOT FLORIDA
in addition to packing light for
my carry-on.

two// Bring a water bottle in with ya!

Be it an awesome reusable one or a disposable one.
I shutter to think just how much money my dad
spent on 7 dasani bottles so we’d have
cold water before we went on Big Thunder Mountain.

Needless to say, we held onto those bottles
and refilled every chance we got.

three// Do NOT order the veggie sandwich from the 
Cosmic Ray’s Cafe!

Basically it sucked, and that was determined by
BOTH Kate and myself.  Heck, I ended up
throwing it up :s Not good!

four// Limit yourself to one or two parks a day!

Since we were only having one day of
Disney we got the park hopper and
visited the Magic Kingdom, Epcot,
and Hollywood Studios.

I have to agree with my mom that while
getting to see Darth Vadar, Boba Fett, and Chip and Dale
dressed as Ewoks (it was Star Wars weekend), and
eating at Pizza Planet was fun, I think it would
have been better if we had gone back to
the Magic Kingdom after Epcot.

I am happy we went to Epcot though, and
mom, it wasn’t just because I was able to get
a German beer 😉  I think everyone
enjoyed the viking ride in Norway 😀

ESPECIALLY since Epcot and Hollywood Studios
are connected by a freaking bus!  Come on Disney,
get it together and get another monorail or other
sort of train that’s closer to the gates!

five// Stay for the Fireworks

While I’m glad we went back to the rental
house because of Disney-ing ourselves to
the point of exhaustion, I wish that
we had stayed.  I hear that they put on
a really great show!

Oh well, maybe next time 😉


3 thoughts on “Friday Fives: Disney Tips from a n00b!

  1. we had ordered the dvd from disney & went in w/a plan. We are riding X amount of rides & everyone had chosen two. Then we stuck to our list. We didn’t stray into other rides. We got to ride everything we wanted to see & have time left for shows. We also called Disney to find out when the “safe” time to go was to avoid spring breaks, summer breaks etc. It made for a great trip! My only advice is to know your limits. We thought we could do disney back to back each day. Give yourself a day off between parks. We had no desire to get up that second day to head to Animal Kingdom. We would have enjoyed it better if we wasn’t so exhausted from the prior day.

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