Disney Photo Dump: The Magic Kingdom

So we set out bright and early, ok well,
not that early since the vacation rental
was like 8 miles from Disney, for the parks.

dis 1disney 2

We parked and took the shuttle thingy
to the entrance to buy tickets.

Like I said in my post yesterday,
we got the park hopper,
which ended up being a mistake of
sorts, but those types of things
make memories, no?

Disney 3

Meg, Kate and Mary were CLEARLY
ecstatic about it being our first visit.

Peter and I opted NOT to wear the pins though 😉

It was the first visit for the five of us,
mom and dad had gone something like
34 years ago.  At least I think that’s what they said…?

Turned out that the matching green shirts
were a LIFE SAVER at various points,
even if a couple of us felt a little dorky when
we got dressed that morning.

I DO wish I had known about it so Kate,
Mary and myself could have preformed
some swanky t-shirt surgery like Meg did.

disney 5Disney 4

Two classic shots that you HAVE to get when you visit!

Disney 6

We hit up Space Mountain first.
In line there were a couple Candy Mountain
jokes being cracked.  Couldn’t help it 😉

No one lost a kidney though!

Mary, Kate and I sat this one out.
Mary and Kate don’t like roller coasters,
and I had to give the cast member at the line
a talking to about not forcing Mary to ride.

Fun fact: Space Mountain was the
first roller coaster that my mom ever rode!

Disney 7

We came out of Tomorrowland after grabbing
an early (and crappy) lunch and saw the tail end
of a parade.  Dad of course had
to add some bling to his hat.

Disney 8 disney 9

And then Kate, Meg and Dad got put
in the stocks in Liberty Square!

Also, I forgot to get a picture,
but there is a HUGE tree in the
Square  with a sign that implies its an elm,
it is NOT and elm, but an oak.

Seriously Disney, you couldn’t
plant the right tree?  I get that
it’s supposed to just stand in
as a representation, but, seriously?

After the stocks we headed to Splash Mountain
since Meg and I really wanted to ride.
And we came out with SOAKED
shorts and pants, because Meg and I somehow
managed to sit on the side with the waterfalls 😛

After we got off of Splash Mountain
we snagged fast passes to Big Thunder Railroad
and headed off to see if we could squeeze
Pirates of the Caribbean in.

disney 11 Disney 12

Which we managed to do 😉

These were the only two pictures
from my camera that came out,
which was unfortunate, but
when I was looking at these pictures
I totally came up with a back story for each!

First, the mermaid’s name was
Cerulean, and she didn’t die from the
fisherman’s net, but rather the fisherman
who caught her tried to release her but
she fell in love with him and would not leave
the shore, and slowly wasted
away because he couldn’t love a fishperson.

And she was foolish to let her
passionate feelings take her life.

The guy on the right’s name is Bob.
Bob loved his job so much that he made
a deal with Davy Jones without
thought to his parents back home.
Bob died happy at the wheel and
is having a BLAST in his afterlife.

Somehow I don’t think he was the
smarted cookie that ever lived.

disney 13Disney 10

After Pirates we headed back to Big Thunder Mountain to
wait for our fast pass time to arrive.  We all
reapplied sunscreen and dad bought a WHOLE
bunch of water.

Aaaand Meg and I just MIGHT have left
off the little detail that Big Thunder Mountain
was a small coaster and not a gentle train ride.

Can you tell that Mary and Kate were
NOT thrilled by this fact?

Both Katie and Mary gave us looks of death
for 80% of the ride, but eventually they
at least LOOKED like they were enjoying it

The heron on the right was one of
many shore birds that was begging for
handouts.  Siiiighhh.

Disney 14

Disney 8aDisney 9a

And finally here are a few shots I snagged
in Fantasyland!

We visited one of shops near the Cinderella
fountain and Kate, Meg and Mary got
“pixie dusted” and last I heard they
are STILL finding the glitter.

Glad I passed on that 😉

Also, I don’t NEED pixie dust
to make all my dreams come true.
I married JP 😀

Epcot dump tomorrow 😉


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