Disney Photo Dump: Epcot

Our next stop was Epcot!

I really wanted to see it because
of the whole Walt Disney master
planned community thing,
well, and I wanted a German beer 😉

Disney 15

Zee dome!!!

After we walked in we rode Spaceship Earth!

It was kind of hokey in a George Jetson kind of way.
Here are the postcards from our “future”:


Kate claims that I look better in
my space suit than she does.
Also, you can see the pixie dust from
earlier on her forehead!

peter sse


And apparently Peter cloned himself!

Now there’s a scary thought 😉

We sought out zee facilities after the ride,
and then headed over to the
World Showcase to see what was there.

Again, I wanted a beer 😉

First stop was NORWAY!

Disney 17Disney 19


Also, it was apparently their Constitution Day,
which meant we saw LOTS of Norwegians about all
over Epcot — a quite a few drunk ones too.

Though they seemed to be good natured,
even if a group of Norwegian guys were
trying to see if they could cram 10 people
into one of the phone booths in the UK.

Also, I made from friends:

Disney 18  Disney 20


Eeee!!!  And they totally wanted
to come home with me, but I had to
explain that I didn’t have room
in my luggage 😉

Before we left Norway, we snagged
some fast pass tickets for the Viking
Boat Voyage, a couple sweet pretzels and wandered
in the direction of Germany.

Disney 22 Disney 21

En route, Dad stopped to snag ice cream
(mom’s request) at the Outpost,
and Mom and I pushed ahead to Germany,
me to find a beer (in Germany Epcot glass)
and mom since that was the closest bathroom.

Everyone else caught up as I was paying for
my beer, then Mary and I hit up
one of the shops so I could find something fun
for JP — I found an AWESOME
Octoberfest shirt for him 😉

The we ran back to Norway to
get on the boat – Meg helped me finish
off my beer as we ran through the
fast pass line, and then we wandered
through the rest of the
Word Showcase.

Disney 24 Disney 23
Disney 25 Disney 26

Disney 27

And as we were exiting the Showcase
there was Mike Wozowski in
topiary form!

Disney 28

Then Kate and Mary tried to
make friends with one of
Thumper’s cousins.

We started to talk about what to
do next and headed to the bus
area to head to Hollywood Studios.

Again, can I just say that Disney
REALLY needs something aside
from a bus to go between?

Hollywood Studios Dump tomorrow!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have
a date with the gym and some
laundry to pick up!


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