Disney Photo Dump: Hollywood Studios

We finished out our day at Hollywood Studios,
and can I just say again that Disney needs
to get it together and get another
monorail built between here and Epcot?

Seriously, the walk alone just to the
bus staging area was stupid!

 Disney 29 Disney 30

Mickey’s hat!  And what looks to be
Mary fending off Meg… No idea,
But apparently mom thought it was worth
a picture too!

So our first priority when we got into
Hollywood Studios was to find
Pizza Planet for a snack.

The sucky part is that it was pretty much
on the opposite side of the park
from the coaster that Meg wanted to ride.

But we made it!

Disney 31


Even Buzz was there to greet us!

Disney 32

The pizza and salad we got was ok
at best.  And like all other park food
we encountered was a tad on
the pricey side –  but what else should
one expect when at a theme park,

Oh, also, it was one of the
Star Wars weekends, so pizza planet had
freaking huge Darth Vadar cupcakes:

Disney 33

I ate the chocolate mask myself
and shared the rest with the family.
No one was super interested
until I mentioned that there was

It was pretty good 😉

Since it was Star Wars weekend
they were also advertising some
pretty cool looking drinks:

Disney 34

But I passed since I was driving home
shortly and I had my one drink out
for the day back in Epcot.

Oh! and Star Wars character-wise
we saw:
— Minnie dressed as Leia
— Chip and Dale dressed at Ewoks
— Various storm troopers
— Darth Vadar
— Boba Fett

And you know, since learning a
touch of German I can’t help but
giggle about Boba Fett, since
“fett” means fat.
Heh, more proof my mind is strange?

I digress.

After Pizza Planet we headed
towards the Rockin’ Roller Coaster
since Meg wanted to ride.


Disney 35

Kate clearly doesn’t listen 😉

Disney36 Disney 37

^I kinda couldn’t believe that Disney had a CHINESE laundry…
And someone wouldn’t let Meg come in ^

Disney 38

would be one reason I would want to
bring kids to Disney World,
just so I could play in there too.
I LOVED Honey I Shrunk the Kids,
especially “Antie” 😉

disney 39

As dad said, it looks like Sid
got ahold on the Monkeys!!!

oh crap! I just realized that it never even
occured to me to peak in the
arcade portion to see if there was
actually a claw machine with the
green guys!


Disney 40

We made it to the right side of the park!
The line for the Tower was over an HOUR long,
so we passed… Meg and I hurried over to
the coaster and were bummed out to
find out that the fast passes we snagged
weren’t until 9:30 >.<

BUT as luck would have it, a random
guy walked up to dad with a fast pass
to ride the coaster RIGHT THEN
so Meg got to do it!!
(she is a coaster fiend!)

While Meg was on the coaster
mom went with me to find a magnet for
mine and JP’s collection.
(btw, mom, do  you know WHERE it went?
I didn’t have it in my luggage 😦 )

We headed out after Meg got done,
but not before Mary snagged some
cotton candy.


We had a little bit of fun on shuttle
back to the Magic Kingdom
and finally back to our cars!

Next time (if there is one,
I want to take it easier
and stay for the fireworks!


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