Florida Photo Dump: The Stuff Besides Disney!

Here are the last of the
photos I feel inclined to
share from the trip.


First up, still shots from the airboat ride!

boggy creek baby!

^^The place where we went
and BABY GATOR! ^^
You cannot tell me he’s not adorable!!


^this is what they had up in all the restrooms^

airboat2 airboat1

Getting muffs on for the ride.

megs airboat4

^come closer Meg!
LOTS of typha and scirpus species ^

airboat3 airboat5

^yes, cattle graze in the swamps of FL!
Good eatin’ 😉
Beautiful cypress. Look at all the KNEES!! ^


And this gator’s name was
Zeus.  And he was adorable.
If I could have I would have
taken him home!

I don’t remember the guy’s name,
but I was NOT impressed by him.
His whole thing was tell four facts about
gators, line the people up for pictures,
take pictures and put the gator away, and
then sell expensive pictures of you holding
the gator. No true interaction with
the public.

Seriously, several people tried to ask
questions and they blew him off.
Then then I asked if he had a bio or herp
background he seemed pissed off.

I get that you probably get the SAME 
questions every day, if not multiple times
a day.  Guess what? I got the SAME thing
when I worked at HANC during college,
it comes with the job. Just because you
are interacting with some people who have
never SEEN a gator! Seriously, some
of us are from Texas, but we had people
in the group from Scotland.
Do you think they have crocodilians there?
nope! TEACH them! It’s ALL new
to THEM!

I’m sorry buddy, but that is NOT
how environmental education
works, and like it or not, that’s your
job! So you need to get your
head out of the gator poo and do better!

/end environmental education rant

Sorry about that, but after being in
that part of my field for a while
it really ticks me off when people are
in that position and don’t actually
educate the public :-/

Moving on…

How about a couple fun shots from the
rental house?

duck rules

^the pool rules.  They cracked me up!

And now, for a dance break care
of Meg and Mary:

barbie3 barbie2


If you can’t tell, that was Barbie Girl on
Just Dance for the Wii.

And thus ends the vacation photo dump!

Well, at least pictures I took.
I may try to steal some from Kate or mom 😉



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