Twenty-Seventh Eve

Today is the eve of my 27th birthday, and one the one hand I’m all “pffft, another birthday, whatever”, but on the other I feel like 27 is a bigger deal than 21 or 25 were.  21 meant that I could buy wine and beer here in the States, and 25 is just cool being all quarter of century,  But 27.  Oh 27, why do I have a somewhat uneasy feeling about you?

For some reason I get a very distinct feeling like this year is IT for being in my carefree 20s, that this is my last year to stay up all hours of the night (pfft, like I do that now) and get drunk as a skunk on weekends (again, nope).  Which is odd.  I guess part of it is that I know that the 10ish months that we’re in Berlin is going to be the last big thing that JP and I do before the first geekling comes along, which means that not only will I be “old” and married, but I’ll be a parent.  In someways I feel like this is a completely illogical feeling, and it is, but its one that I can’t seem to shake.  Also, I have a feeling that my 27th year is either going to bring about some big change (not Germany, I don’t consider that to be big – and no babies just yet), but I can’t put my finger on it.  I know that something is going to happen though….
Gotta love nonsensical gut feelings, right?
So yeah… that’s all I got. I know I haven’t been posting a while heck of a lot aside from the photo dumps, but honestly I’ve been feeling a little stretched thin lately between the packing and the hours I’m keeping. So, with that, I’m off to cram in 30 minutes at the gym before I get some more work-work done!

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