Rainy Texas Saturday

Technically this is our second Saturday in Texas, but since we arrived on Saturday last week I’m counting this as our first.  😉

JP and I haven’t done anything super duper exciting since we’ve been back.  The “biggest” thing so far aside from switching my name (finally) on the other bank account was to do some yard work at my mom’s house — where JP, me and Peter trimmed, weeded,  took out two crape myrtles and planted 6 trees – the myrtles got replaced with fragrant olives and look MUCH better!  We still have to put some pavers, gravel an area, lay sod, and reseed some areas.  THEN we have the backyard to do 😉

I also had an interview-more-of-a-catch up with one of the places I interned with in college this week so see if they might be able to bring me on while we’re in Houston.  It’s going to be a we’ll call you if we have work you can get in on type thing, but that works.  (And for those wondering, me leaving the firm in Indiana is complicated, and I’d rather not go into it more than say it was a mostly mutual breakup)

Last night was fun, JP and I made Indian food for his parents, and it was a hit!  Can I take a moment to say how much I l-o-v-e basmati rice?  Because it is awesome and light and fluffy and SO awesome with onions and peas on its own, but then add something like palak paneer or butter chicken and it is HEAVEN.

Today we don’t have any big plans, or I should say that our plans have changed.  We were thinking about going to Galveston BUT its rainy and Saturday 😛  So we’re thinking about hitting up the Houston Shakespeare Festival tonight, and if not tonight then tomorrow.  Still waiting to hear if his grandparents are going to be over for dinner again 😉  Oh, and going to see Pacific Rim is a possibility… We DO need to go out and get some shampoo and bathe Sally, and I’m thinking that we need to get her a cattle bone since she’s been acting pretty anxious since we’ve been back.

With that, we need go get the errands run to take care of our very fury “child”.

Influenser VoxBox review tomorrow!

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