I Wanted JP’s Tamales

But instead all I got was a salad!  This whole trying to eat clean/paleo/smoothie fest/healthier thing is HARD, but I’m going to keep trying to do the best that I can, even if it means that I’m eating a tuna and avocado salad instead of delicious smelling Mexican food leftovers 😛

I’m trying to look at this whole “Lizzy needs to eat better” thing as not limited my choices, but rather that I get to have better options that make me feel better.  I just have to get over the whole grumpiness part and stop diving into the chip basket if we got out for Mexican food like what happened last night… yeah, not my proudest moment!  I realized as I was digesting a rather significantly-sized food “baby” last night that while JP’s parents and brother and new sister-in-law were debating about dinner that I should have grabbed some raw broccoli or an apple to ward off the “must eat EVERYTHING” hunger I knew I was going to have at the restaurant.  Let’s just call this a lesson learned…

Moving on.

Yesterday when JP and I went in for dental exams two teenagers walked in after us and proceeded to have an argument about the picture the girl took of them “at the dentist :(” since it made the guy look “pale and fat” (neither of which he was) and was mad that she uploaded it to Instagram.  Then we interacted with random people throughout the day during a drive to JP’s grandparent’s house to get his wallet and phone which were left Saturday night, and I was nearly constantly reminded of the cell phone scene from Warm Bodies.  I’m going out on a limb and will probably sound like an “old fogey” at the ripe old age of 27.  But seriously?  Things weren’t this way when I was 17.  Cell phones were just beginning to really take off, and iPhone and Andriod were things that were being thought up in tech labs.  And the whole social media thing seems to be making people LESS social and more self-absorbed.  Which I know it seems like a whole pot/kettle situation since I of course blog and use social media.  I guess the thing that bugs me most is that is that smartphone have made it so a lot of people aren’t unplugged anymore – which is a big part of why I’m so hesitant to get one (let alone pay for one).  Technology, I really really like you, but I wish people didn’t hide behind you so often!

Ok, going back to thinking about JP’s tamales.  That topic is one that doesn’t make my head hurt 😉


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