Oh Texas

How I’ve missed thee!  Nowhere else in the world can I walk into my local grocery store and have more than three choices in Dr. Pepper and a 1/3 of the ice cream section dedicated to Blue Bell.  And have I mentioned that even the crappier Mexican food dances circles around what we can find in Btown?  Like I said, happy girl!

Also, the massive amount of dental work I needed to get in before we head to Berlin is done today!  Aaaand I got my first pumpkin spice latte of the season.  I debated about getting it since it is freaking HOT right now, but it had to be done.  And now I will have a BIG salad for dinner like a good girl 😉

Oh! and we booked our plane tickets for Berlin yesterday!! We leave the 13th and arrive the evening of the 14th with a layover in Istanbul. We’re going to be there a little earlier than we first anticipated, but it will be good to be there with adequate time to get paperwork and jetlag sorted out before the semester beings for JP. And it looks like things with the apartment are coming along.  We’ll need to acquire a couple things when we get into the apartment, like a hot plate and a toaster oven, but the apartment is big enough that when family or friends visit (hint-hint) we’ll have a living room they can bunk in!  Plus, there is a TUB!!  I cannot express how excited I am — sore muscles will be able to be soaked out.  I still don’t have anything tutoring/nannying-wise, but I’m sure something will come through.

Now we just need to figure out what we’re packing, storing, see people before we leave!  So much so quick.  But it’ll be fine.  I figure if I keep working on being positive about the stress I won’t let the stress eat me and drag me down.

One last thing before I stop this ramble, prayers for the repose of JP’s great-great (I think?) aunt’s soul would be appreciated.  She passed away earlier this week, and we’ll be attending the funeral this weekend.    She was in her 90’s and was a very lovely person!!


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